Ambassadors of Christ Choir is a gospel ministry group from Remera Adventist Church in Kigali-Rwanda. The choir was formed in 1995 after the genocide. Its core purpose is to twofold:

  1. Preach peace and reconciliation in a world that is full of ethnic, racial and national prejudices, because the last thing on this world’s menu is Unity and Love.
  2. Having been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, Ambassadors of Christ are people who personally represent Christ and carry forth the message of His Love and grace into the entire world, in this generation.


Following a tragic road accident in May of 2011 while from a mission in Tanzania, the Ambassadors lost 3 of their members while another 2 sustained serious injuries that have needed multiple surgeries and treatment in India.

By God’s providence, the choir produced a video DVD at the same time, which became a hit song and has literally launched the ministry of Ambassadors to another level; the main flagship song is “Kwetu Pazuri”, which loosely translates to our heavenly home.

Following a successful concert in December of 2011 in Dare salaam - Tanzania, there has been public outcry and requests to hold a series of such public performances in other East and Central African countries.

Kwetu Pazuri will be a series of events with a climax of a public performance on 6th May in Nyayo National Stadium, after another recorded live concert aboard the Ferry in Mombasa.  This is the first of this series of concerts aside from the inaugural concert in Tanzania, which had an overwhelming attendance.


The ticket sales will be the main source of funds to cover the travel costs, accommodation, meals, venue and other program logistics. Some of these costs need to be met before the ticket sales. We are still way below par in meeting our obligations.

This appeal is for Sponsors who can assist in the following categories.

  1. Ambassadors of Christ Ministry Associates: Kenyan Chapter of Ambassadors of Christ whose key responsibility is to support the ministry. The registration fee is 1000 Kshs, an annual fee of 1200, and sponsorship of any project including this tour which is open in terms of amount to be contributed.
  2. Kwetu Pazuri event sponsors, who will give 1000 shillings or more and in exchange have VIP seats at the event, and a free video DVD of Ambassadors choir.
  3. Corporate sponsors who have a chance to ride on the resulting publicity by partnering to support the concert.

The Ambassadors have a message of peace and reconciliation, in addition to the inspiring music and gospel message of Hope and Love. By partnering with this ministry, you partner for a cause whose worth is beyond material computation.

Contact tour secretariat :


JR: 0708-728891   JULLIE :0734-491449

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